Millennium Programme for the Swaziland Government

Adventure Playground (APG) - International Trade Fair (ITF) - Multipurpose Sports Centre - Football Stadium

Helemisi, Manzini - Swaziland (2005)

The Millennium Projects in Manzini are comprised of four
components - An International Trade Fair (ITF), Football
Stadium, Multi-Purpose Sports Centre and an Adventure
Playground (APG).
The DAB Consortium is developing the entire scheme, of
which Building Design Group is a member and responsible
for the design of the APG as well as the Common
Areas component, which encompasses the overall
design of the public areas, walkways, landscaping, entrance
features and all street furniture.
Currently under Construction.

Total Area: Approx. 350 000m2


main entrance feature archway

main avenue by night

picnic area

Artist (Dave Cranko) adds the finishing touches to the lion statue

street furniture designs following the archway theme

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